Converting your GPX files to Garmin IMG Files

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Note that gpx2img has not been updated in a few years. Although the majority of users still find gpx2img works great for them, we recommend using our Trial version before purchasing to ensure compatibility with your gps device.


If you're having trouble getting started with GPX2IMG, check out this tutorial which includes sample gpx files!
Also check out the help manual, available in both HTML and PDF versions!

Q: All maps have a "Created using cgpsmapper" overlayed on it!
A: Yep, I use a cGPSmapper DLL to create the img files using the cGPSmapper technology within gpx2img (it doesn't call the command line or creat MP files, etc). At the moment, I am using the "shareware" version of the DLL, which appends the "Created with cGPSmapper" text. If GPX2IMG sells enough copies to cover the cost of the Pro version of the DLL (plus some to cover my costs) then GPX2IMG will be upgraded and maps produced with it will not have the cgpsmapper text. (and since upgrades are free, by buying the program now, you're supporting that effort and will benefit from it when we reach that point).
Q: Can I display my tracks on top of other base maps (eg topo, etc)?
A: You bet! All maps created using gpx2img are created as transparent maps. This means that the tracks and waypoints in your map are displayed on top of whatever maps are loaded onto your GPS unit with it. To do so, just convert your GPX files using gpx2img as you normally would. In Mapsource, select the GPX2IMG map product and select your maps using the 'Map Select' tool. Then switch to the other map you wish to load (such as a topo map) and select the map regions you wish to load form that map. Upload them all to your GPS unit and they will appear overlayed the base maps you chose.
Q: My map just shows as a big empty brown rectangle when I open up Mapsource. Where'd my tracks and waypoints go?
A: This probably means you generated your map with a blank overview map. You can either zoom in on the areas where your map is or try unchecking the 'Blank Overview Map' option in the preferences window (the downside of this option is sometimes when zoomed in you appear to get doubled up lines on your maps in Mapsource.
Q: Can I use my maps with other brands of GPS units other than Garmin (eg TomTom, Magellan)?
A: Unfortunately no. Magellan and TomTom use different map formats for the GPS units which are not compatible with the Garmin format.
Q: Mapsource is still showing old maps even after I created new maps.
A: Due to the way newer versions of MapSource cache map tiles to make loading/displaying faster, sometimes even after creating new maps, it will not update the map it shows at all zoom levels.
You can turn on the "Clear Mapsource Tile Cache" option in the preferences or you can empty your map tile cache manually by deleting all the files from

C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\GARMIN\MapSource\TileCache
(replace "username" with your own username)

This only effects how the map is shown in MapSource, the latest will be uploaded on the GPS unit.

Q: How do I customize the line widths and colors used for custom paths?
A: Using the TYP Editor website, load your current TYP file (can be saved out of gpx2img from the 'File' menu) into the 'Edit' portion of the website. Scroll down to the 'Lines' section of the editor and change anything except for the line type/subtype. After making your changes, save the updated TYP file and load it into gpx2img using the option in the 'File' menu.
Q: Can I sell the maps/use them for commercial purposes?
A: Right now since we use the "shareware" version of the cgpsmapper DLL, maps created using gpx2img are not for commercial use. See the above question for more explanation.