TYP Files/Track Colors

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An advanced feature of Garmin GPS units is the ability to load a TYP file along with your IMG files into Mapsource and onto your GPS unit which changes how the tracks of your maps are displayed on the unit.


GPX2IMG supports TYP files created using different methods, but does not allow TYP file editing in GPX2IMG.


To get an idea of what is possible with TYP files, try enabling the Enable TYP files option in your preferences. You will see your map tracks transformed to a variety of different colors based on the type of track they are.


To change the colors specified in the TYP file, you must use an external TYP editor. The instructions below will show how to use a free online TYP editor to change how your tracks are displayed in GPX2IMG, in Mapsource, and on your GPS unit.


Step 1

Select the "Save current TYP file As" from the File menu and choose a location and filename on your computer to save the file as.





Step 2

Open http://ati.land.cz/gps/typdecomp/editor.cgi in your internet browser and select the "Edit" tab if not already selected





Step 3

Click the "Choose File" button and select the TYP file you saved in step 1. Click the "Edit" button.



Step 4

After loading, you will be presented a window with lots of different information. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING EXCEPT AS SPECIFIED BELOW.


Scroll down the page to the "Lines" section. This is where you can edit the line colors, thickness, borders, etc. To changes a line, click the 'Edit' button for that line and change any of the settings except for the line type and subtype. After making your changes for that line, click the 'Save' button. Do not delete or add lines or unpredictable things can happen and GPX2IMG may become unstable.


Step 5

After you are finished editing the lines, click the 'Download TYP file' button at the bottom of that page. Your browser should now download the updated TYP file.


Step 6

Back in GPX2IMG, select the 'Load new TYP file' menu item from the File menu. Open the TYP file you downloaded in step 5.

(If not already turned on, select 'Yes' when asked if you want to enable TYP files (this can be changed in Edit->Preferences->Enable TYP files)

GPX2IMG will now use your updated TYP file. (You will need to reconvert your GPX files to send the updated TYP file to Mapsource.)